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CAT Safety Shoes

Print advertisement created by Young & Laramore, the United States for Cat Footwear, within the category: Fashion.

Comments from administrator:

This poster is simple and direct and what UC always practice. I would like mentioned about the quality of the photography compare with our local billboard advertiser. Would you all like this type of quality? Then hire a professional photographer to shoot it. UC will in charge of the creative and layout design. Without a good photography, how creative the idea you have, is useless!  Don't simply use a DSLR camera and shoot it yourself and show your consumer that low-end quality. Manage your brand with quality pictures will impress your consumers automatically, incidentally, and with the message of a quality product. Unless your product is not. Brand value relied on your product quality, advertising could help you to increase sales if your products are not.


cat construction equipment      cat like a forty ton excavator      cat go ahead look up

cat born from bulldozers

cat born from bulldozers

cat family tree



Advertising Agency: Young & Laramore, Indianapolis, USA / Executive Creative Director / Principal: Carolyn Hadlock Creative Director / Principal: Bryan Judkins Associate Creative Director:Scott King Associate Design Director: Zac Neulieb Writer: Aidan McKiernan President / Chief Strategy Officer: Tom Denari Vice President, Account Director: Brad Bobenmoyer Account Supervisor: Cory Schneider Photographer: Dean Van Dis