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What is Branding Strategy?

Branding Strategy

Company Direction

"The best brand strategy is developed as a creative partnership between the client, the strategist, and the designer."

Branding strategy involved every detail in your business from a logo, slogan, corporate identity, fonts, colour, website, uniform but those are creative elements only. Instead, your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market: internal employee communicate with clients, message delivered in your website, campaign, and even the image you convey is part of your strategy.

Branding strategy determined your company future and fortune. To design a strong and powerful branding strategy is a must when your company started, in the mid-way for expansion, and developing a new products line. The strategy helps you to make a right decision even you're not present at your company. This a result of a successful brand strategy.

Successful branding also creates “brand equity” – the amount of money that customers are willing to pay just because it’s your brand. In addition to generating revenue, brand equity makes your company itself more valuable over the long term.


who you are? what your company doing?
Define who you are is an important and long-term business direction from the day the your business launch. 


Low Price? Expensive or Affordable
Set your pricing according to your target audience, product quality, packaging, and gross profit margin.

Distribution Channel

Where to buy your product?
Your product distribution network must set up through distributor, retailer or wholesaler.

Branding Tools

Brandmark, slogan, Corporate Identity, Marketing Materials, Website, Vendors, Recruiting, etc.

The Process

Sales process, traditional media, publicity, telemarketing, events, etc.


Email Marketing, SEO & SEM, Online Marketing, Social Media, etc.

Brand Strategy
Service Offer

  • Brand Name
  • Brand Mark Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Structure
  • Brand Culture
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Brand Website & Social Media
  • Brand Launching
  • Brand Manual
  • Brand Event & Promotion
  • Brand Social Responsibilities
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Type of Branding


Own products launching or promotion activities or event for the local and overseas market.

Digital Branding

Web social media, search engine optimization, driving commerce on web


Aligning your brand with a charitable cause; or corporate social responsibility

Country Branding

Campaign to attract overseas tourists and businesses visit or invest in local

Branding Process

Building a great brand need to have creative elements and these elements requires professional to design & develop. It is better to work out together between business owner, creative people and designer.

1. Research & Development

  • Decide on Vision, Strategies, Goals and Values
  • Research Stakeholders' Needs and Perceptions
  • Conduct Marketing, Competitive Technology, Legal and Language Audits.
  • Interview Key Management (PIC)
  • Evaluate Existing Brands and Brand Architecture
  • Present Audit Report

2. Distinguish Strategy

  • Synthesis Studies
  • Design Brand Strategy
  • Develop a Positioning Platform
  • Create Brand Attributes
  • Write A Brand Brief
  • Achieve Agreement
  • Create Naming Strategy
  • Develop Key Message
  • Write A Creative Brief

3. Designing Identity

  • Visualize the Future
  • Brainstorm Big Idea
  • Design Brand Identity
  • Explore Applications
  • Finalize Brand Architecture
  • Present Visual Strategy
  • Achieve Agreement

4. Creating Touchpoints

  • FInalize Identity Design
  • Develop Look and Feel
  • Initiate Trademark Protection
  • Prioritize and Design Applications
  • Design Program
  • Apply Brand Architecture
What is touchpoint? Answer: Channel that communicates with your consumers or customers directly face-to-face as a post-purchase decision-making process in more effective manner.

5. Managing Assets

  • Build Synergy Around The New Brand
  • Develop Launch Strategy and Plan
  • Launch Internally First
  • Launch Externally
  • Develop Standards and Guidelines
  • Develop Champions Brand

Acknowledgement: References from "Designing Brand Identity", Alina Wheeler Author, Published by Wiley, Third Edition; Picture: from UC Brandvertising designer.

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